Saturday, 7 April 2012 ^^,

dear mom~
even im acting like im a dush....i wanted to tell you that i love you so much!
you mean the world to me trust me.
i'll do anything to make you happy i'll try my best to make you happy all
the time .                                        

yes there's time i let u down..
making you mad out of something stupid
and im sorry for i hope that everyday you're with me is your happy day
every time you spend with me is your great day ever
ma?thanks for seeing me as an angel even so im not.
me? through your eyes is special.....
you look at me like im an angel
eventhough i upset you so many times im still your angel
i grow a lot not the baby you use to carry whenever i cry....whenever im tired...
but one thing you never stop  is being my mom....
ur my mom....and i dont want to share you with others...even my sister or brother
and that would make me selfish daughter isnt't ma?
but you told me not to be i wont!
i hope the whole world can share your love and experiences your greatest love
like i did!

mom? thank you!! <3

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