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lack of parenting skill can cause a life!

'weii...pasal serius sgt tajuk tue' ahah...mama tnya la pulakk! ^^,

ok! napa arey nea tiba2 mw ckp pasal parenting issues!
sbb...parenting issues nea sgt mempengaruhi remaja seperti kita!
parenting skill yang tidak baik akan membawa padah pada diri c anak yang sedang membesar!
banyak kejadian yang berlaku disebabkan oleh perkara ini.

sebagai contoh pelajar membunuh diri akibat tekanan dari parents
dimana parents menetapkn tahap kejayaan yang tinggi without knowing their babies limit!
they just push and push n at the end! they loose their child!

hari nea mcm biasa SAYS.COM send news flash!
sala satu dripdanya ialah?? kes SPM 7A student commit SUICIDE!
why is this happening?? moral support from parents!
2.bila anak dorang fail in some subject. thy does'nt give any encourgement
but they keep on blaming their child for failing!
3.then membanding-bandingkn anak2....cthnya bila ada seorang daripda siblings mempunyai IQ y rendah?dan parents dia membanding-bandingkan dia dengan adik2 y lain...sudah tentu la dia presure kan....situasi nea selalu berlaku di kalangan kluarga2 y berada! 'take note!'
4.over pushing without knowing kemampuan diri anak2!
5.terlalu mengongkong!

dear parents! anak2 adalah manusia...seprti diri kamoo gak..
yes i know kmoo buat semua nea supaya anak kamoo berjaya! tapi kamoo kna bt dgn cara y btool!
sa sedih bila ada kawan saya gelar diri dia ROBOT! she tells me. she dun feel apa2 laii...she'll do anything for her parents!
i cried! because i know how it dad blaming my failure on me..
doing something that against my will....
.making me believe that i should be ashamed of myself!
im sorry for saying this but im human i cant take it anymore... im sorry for letting u down!
i'll try my best to make u proud!
seriously being treated that way making me think of suicide!
but....with GOD,mom n my friends good to go! and now im here!
surviving life n try to make him proud!
yes! i hate you, how u treat me n else...but now im fine now...
i love u dad! im sorry for letting u down...i just need time to digest all of this thats all...

sorry terlebih pula cerita hal lalu! this is just for sharing!

''dibawa nea article about budak penang y mndpt 7A! ''

(Penang, on the 24th) A less important? 18-year-old Zhong Lingguo China Middle School Pre-class students, the suspect can not be in the Malaysian Certificate of Education Examination (SPM) made ​​all A's achievements, brood, knot obscure, wearing a red shirt, black trousers and hanged himself.

Deceased Chen Junwen

Deceased Chenjun Wen (Yang Arizona Tan) at 16:00 on Thursday about five Road, Penang Island, a HDB 15 a unit, the home alone to the room locked, the window frames to clothing bundled hanged himself in the evening, the deceased's family 9 am to return home, only to expose this tragedy, grief-reported the police investigation, later, medical personnel, preliminary inspection of the remains to determine the deceased by the killed 6 hours.

It is learned that the deceased in May, Chung Ling High School attending University courses a year, on top of the deceased from the primary school results, get all A's in the government examination results, except for last year's Malaysian Certificate of Education Examination, 9 subjects, only 7A results obtained, so that the dead difficult to accept, I believe that still bear a grudge after the commencement of, and hanged himself.

The deceased and the parents, grandmother and a sister are living in the same units, In addition to the grandmother occasionally communicate with their neighbors, the rest of the family members rarely greet with the neighbors, subject to neighbors often hear came the home of the deceased quarrel sound, according to police sources pointed out that , dead quiet on weekdays, recently, it was the last exchange with her father, has been the matter of a couple of days ago. It is understood that the mother of the deceased is also taught in Chung Ling High School, Master in recent years, the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, often back and forth to the capital and Penang.
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sumber:kwong wah e-newspaper

so parents? gud luck in parenting!

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