Thursday, 15 March 2012

seventeen: beauty recipe

everyone said u have to spend a fortune on ur skin
to make it dollar maker~
actually from what i read from seventeen its not..
u only need right recipe for it!

its time to raid your kitchen!!

1st u need lemon

how lemons help u?
it will help to soften ur skin with its natural acid
whereas u can rub it just like that on your skin.
example on ur elbow~
also got this whitening power!

2nd is? tomato

trust this stuff helps u to get rid of pesky blackheads...
cut the tomato in various shape...then covers it on ur nose.
but before that remember to wash ur face with warm water.....
then u can place those tomato on ur nose for 5-15 minutes.then when ur done?
wash it with cold water And.ur done!
if ur our of fresh tomato? u also can use tomato paste
as a mask!! ^^,
think uR beautiful 

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