Wednesday, 22 February 2012

seventeen:beauty resolution!

here's some tips to all gurls out tHere~
1.Wear SPF everyday!

importance?to protect skin that is exposed to the also helps preventing
the formation of the rough skin.and also spots~
PRODUCT:tea sun protector

2.wash face every night

face full of cloged pores will create ideal envi for
a nasty break out! huhu...
beware pimple is on the way!
PRODUCT:clean&clear deep action cleanser

3.stay clean!

lets get personal on this??
do u gurls clean that V-ZONE
with feminine wash??
its really impotant to be extra hygenic with soap free and PH
balanced formulated wash.
PRODUCT:summer eve feminine wash


as u guys know our lips is the most
thinest layer! so u have u be extra carefull n pay more attention there
even if its the smlest area on ur face!
try u wear lip gloss as a shield from external exposure!
PRODUCT: body shop lip n roll on

5.Stop being a hair slacker

if u can spend half or an hour styling ur hair with heated
appliances then,there'll be more reason for
u guys to
spare few minutes to pampered ur hair.
PRODUCT:L'oreal professionel serie nature masque macadamia


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