Wednesday, 22 February 2012

i cant help it~

i know this could work between us...... thats y i giv u the chance to prove urself to me.
bii ya??it does'nt have to be like this if u just let go of him...
if u just let go ur hope for him....
then u dun have to gv chance to him......
it hit me straight to my heart!
it hurt a lot! but nevermine i'll survive!
he just propose to me....then on that month also he go n tell her xgf
"i love u...i miss u...plis 4giv me''
wat is that all about!!
i dont see this coming
i tot ur my VALENTINE
I tot that u'll replaced christopher...
but like Nelly sung JUST A DREAM~ lol~

just like a fool~ =(

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